Improving Managerial Effectiveness with Versatility™ Concepts Course is a halfday class



  • Managers will learn how their direct reports perceive their behaviors
  • Managers will be able to identify the SOCIAL STYLE of their direct reports
  • Managers will participate in exercises that help to understand what adjustments to their own behavior need to be made in order to create a more effective relationship with their direct reports
  • Managers will develop an understanding of how to increase or decrease levels of tension to adjust productivity
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The Managerial SOCIAL STYLE® Concepts Course is a half-day class that teaches managers the core concepts of SOCIAL STYLE to improve interactions with their direct reports. This course will teach managers to understand their own behavioral Style and the behavioral Style of their direct reports. Armed with this information, managers can learn how similar and different SOCIAL STYLEs interact to affect productivity, effectiveness, and morale in the workplace. This course includes a paper version of the SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility Questionnaires.