• Are we missing the target on social sciences in higher education?

    As a society, we need to better understand the values of social sciences and as educators, we need to explain social sciences in a manner where the students can relate to the social sciences better by applying it in their daily...

  • Engineering to Social Science: Transitioning from Black or White to Grey

    In engineering our focus was always on facts and figures while looking at things in a very pragmatic manner without much focus on abstract or art or philosophies.  I personally think when we put so much emphasis on Science, Te...

  • Technology in Learning: Pandemic Creates Transformational Opportunity

    Higher education is in need of transformation, the cost of education keeps on increasing, pandemic crises has caused a huge drain on the finances of most universities while businesses have lowered the bar of entry level employm...

  • My Personal Learning Theory to Application

    Last week, I shared my personal learning theory which included things like, “learning by doing”, “failure is the best teacher”, and “learning should be from cradle to grave”.  I also explained and shared that my be...


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