Training Overview

What makes a salesperson stand above the crowd? Those who become “stars” in the sales field understand that sales rise and fall based upon intelligent prospecting, strong relationships and flexible selling styles that are constantly modified to fit the needs of the customer. This course focuses on what it takes to focus on the right prospects, understand the customer true needs and position a winning proposal to take care of the customer needs.  A highly interactive session with assessments, videos and sales exercises.

Star Selling

Who Should Attend

Star Salesperson is a Consultative Selling Mindset approach which can be beneficial to participants from all walks of life including Sales, Pre-Sales, Sales Support, Business Consultants, Technology Consultants, Information Technology, Human Resources, Finance, Engineering, etc. Participants can use these sales techniques to move the organization forward by working with internal or external clients.


The Star Salesperson is a proven consultative selling approach that leverages six distinct steps allowing participants to transition from transactional selling to building long term relationships by solving clients’ business challenges for mutual profitability.

The workshop focuses on adopting a Consultative Mindset, which is beneficial for participants from all walks of life including Sales, Consulting, Information Technology, Human Resources, etc. to align organizations on aligned business challenges to move your organization forward.

Key Outcomes

Star Selling is built on a simple Consultative Selling framework of problem solving from the customer’s point of view with a win-win approach that is easy to understand and implement. The solution is implemented with a DiSC Sales Assessment, Videos, exercises, and role playing to improve content retention.

Your Salespeople Will be able to . . .

  • Identify opportunities that are mutually beneficial for both parties to ensure energy is spent on correct opportunities
  • Enter in a consultative relationship with buyers quickly such that value is delivered at each step of the buying process
  • Establish trust with appropriate people in the buying process for mutual information sharing, and establishing the vision for success
  • Clearly define the business challenge by establishing the gap between present and future state with a focus on solving the gap
  • Gain agreement on the Business Challenge solution to complete the sale for mutual benefits in a rapid manner
  • Build a high level of customer satisfaction after the sale is closed to ensure current success, as well as, set foundation for future opportunities

Delivery Models:

Class Room Training

Delivered over 2 or 3 days in an open session where resources are from multiple companies, or as a private session where resources are from within organization.

Sales Meetings

The six distinct modules of Star Selling can be delivered as individual modules in annual or quarterly sales meetings. The six focus areas are Sales Attitude, Prospecting Clients, Building Relationships, Discovering Business Needs, Proposing Solutions and Customer Satisfaction.

Cohort Based

Star Selling is also delivered in a cohort based format where the content delivery is spread over 3 to 6 months, and highly customized to your organization’s sales opportunities and culture. The focus of cohort based is to allow time between module delivery in a manner that the module content is implemented in the organization, such that at the end of cohort session, Star Selling becomes the sales methodology of your organization.


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